EVS at our organisation starting at 1.10.2017

We are looking for 2 motivated volunteers for european voluntary service in our organisation for 1 year (starting at 1. of October 2017). If you know someone how is looking for an experience in the field of community gardening, self-organisend cultural, political and ecological house-project in the centre of a small but special (eco and international) town in germany, just contact us.

Here is a short description:

Transition Town Witzenhausen is an initiative founded in 2009, and at the same time a major project to transform the town of Witzenhausen in a sustainable, post-fossil fuel future as part of the worldwide Transition Town movement. Witzenhausen is a very special small town in northern Hesse with a Faculty of Ecological Agricultural Sciences, a tradition of fruit-growing (especially cherries) that attracts a variety of alternative actors and initiatives.

In this setting, we initiate different actions and sub-projects:
UnvergEssbar is a longterm participatory project that creates beautiful, diverse and edible landscapes, increases biodiversity in and around Witzenhausen and helps that people can supply themselves almost all year with regional and healthy fruit, berries and vegetables regardless of his / her social and financial circumstances. It includes a multi-generational garden, a show garden, Planter with edible plants in public space, a Food Coop, public actions such as pressing apple juice on the market place, learning ancient culture techniques such as pressing with hand presses and much more.
The volunteer can grow edible plants, harvested in, maintain, process the harvest and collect seeds at different (public) places in Witzenhausen.
A self organised Transition House-project in the centre of the town is used all year as a meeting point, office, workshop etc. The volunteers can learn to design and develop projects (related to climate change and community-building), work with media and more. Here we can cook and eat together.
The volunteers can learn how group decisions can be made and how networking works in a small town.
The volunteers can participate in our campainwork and visit events and meetings in the town that are relevant for the political and ecological decision making of the local actors.



122€ pocketmoney per month, up to 275€ for travel expences, food and accomodation for free, workingtime min. 30h per week (- holidays), you must be under 30 years old